In a hotel with a pet


Not one to leave a pet - not a reason to postpone holiday!

During the holiday season most people are trying make a decision: whether to take their pet with them, or to leave at home. If you decided to take your pet with you in your trip, we are glad to offer you placement in our hotel.

You will need to prepare the passport of a pet with marks about timely vaccination and the carried-out degelmintization.

Before travel the animal has to pass survey in the state veterinary clinic and receive the special certificate that it is healthy, no more than jam day before departure from the house. This document is issued, only if the animal is imparted against rage and some other viral diseases. From the date of the last vaccination has to pass no more than a year and not less than a month (at primary vaccination) and 14 days (at all the subsequent) at travel only across Russia.

Take care of comfort of your pet, don't forget all necessary for his stay:

  • Diaper/tray
  • Bowls
  • Forage
  • A cage for transportation with a waterproof bottom
  • Lead
Service Cost 300 rub/day
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2013 - Отель "Рапсодия"
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