Cabinet of curiosities

Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. Peter the Great (Kunstkammer)    located on the Neva River in the historic center of St. Petersburg.    The museum, founded by decree of Peter I, opened its doors to visitors in 1714    It was created with the purpose of collecting and study curiosities, created by nature and by human hands.    Russian Academy of Sciences is one of the most complete and interesting in the world.    He has more than a million artifacts and reflect the diversity of the cultures of the peoples    Old and New Worlds. At the same time the Museum has always been and continues to be    one of the largest research centers for the study of human cultural heritage,    continuing the tradition of the great Russian ethnographers and anthropologists of XVIII-XX centuries.    This museum is also known for his collection of “freaks” – anatomical curiosities and anomalies.    For example, sirenomelia, two-headed lamb, Siamese twins, and more. Schedule of work:

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