Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Memorial Orthodox Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood is very colorful historic landmark    city. The temple was built on the donations on the spot    where was committed the deadly attack on the Emperor Alexander II.    In the historic center, right in the middle of the city    landscape before the eyes of tourists suddenly appears church with huge multicolored domes,    complex mosaics and carvings.    This original masterpiece of ancient architecture,    strongly reminiscent of Moscow St. Basil’s Cathedral, is now a museum.    Next to it is the area of the Field of Mars and the Mikhailovsky Garden.Schedule of work:

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Rules of visit

During a visit to an Orthodox church must follow these rules.    In the Orthodox Church not sit exception can only be unhealthy.    Should speak softly so as not to disturb people around.    Men in front of the temple are required to remove the headpiece.    Women, on the contrary, must be in the temple with his head covered.    According to a strict canons of women should not go into a holy temple in the pants    short skirts and makeup on her face.

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