St. Isaac’s Cathedral

St. Isaac’s Cathedral an Orthodox church, the second for height, in the world and the largest Orthodox church of St. Petersburg. The unique architectural construction which is a sample of late classicism has the status of the museum today. The building various statues and bas-reliefs, and also decorate 112 granite columns forming very characteristic memorable facade from all four parties. The huge ornamented gilded dome dominates over a cathedral. Having appeared in the temple, you will be able to enjoy a mosaic, stained-glass windows, a granite and marble carving, altars and various works of orthodox art. Directly before a cathedral the small picturesque park is located.Schedule of work:
Operating mode of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Operating mode of a colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

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Rules of visit

During visit of an Orthodox church it is necessary to follow the following rules. In an Orthodox church it is forbidden to sit, the illness can only be an exception. It is necessary to speak silently not to disturb surrounding people. Men before an entrance to the temple are obliged to remove a headdress. Women, on the contrary, have to be in the temple with the covered head. On more strict canons of the woman shouldn’t enter the sacred temple in trousers, short skirts and with cosmetics on a face.

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